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This is the documentation page for Модул:etymology languages/data

Contains data for language or language family codes that are used mainly in etymology templates (specifically foreign derivation templates) such as {{der}} and {{cog}}.


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1 (required)
The canonical name.
The Wikidata item with the Q at the beginning removed.
3 (required)
The parent: the regular language, etymology language, or language family that this etymology language is a subvariety of. For instance, "en" (English) is the parent of en-GB (British English), and "gmw" (West Germanic) is the parent of gem-sue (Suevic).
aliases, varieties, otherNames, wikipedia_article
These have the same meaning as they do in the data modules for the regular languages; see Module:languages/data/2, Module:languages/data/2/extra.
The ancestor of this etymology language. Add this only if the etymology language is listed as an ancestor of a regular language.