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Edit-copy green.svg Documentation for Шаблон:1. [edit]
Ин саҳифа маълумот истифодаи, гурӯҳи, пайвандҳо интервики ва дигар мундариҷаи шарҳи шаблон.


  • This template is used to created a piped link to a term, so that the first letter of the page name is lowercase, but is displayed as uppercase. It works for all scripts that have a case system. It takes one mandatory parameter, the word to which one wishes to link, and one optional parameter, the language code. It must always be substituted, using subst: after the initial two curly brackets. It links to the English section of the word by default, to link to a language section other than English, use lang=langcode, see Wiktionary:Languages for language codes.


In the entry flu:

# {{subst:1|influenza}}.
# {{label|en|informal}} {{subst:1|common cold}}.


  1. Influenza.
  2. (informal) Common cold.